The Connected Branch

Networking is nothing new - but virtual desktops and barebones workstations are changing the way branches operate
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An Ounce of Prevention

The simplest – but most critical – way to keep your scanner running smoothly.

ID Card Capture

Our TS500 scanner is now certified with Acuant’s AssureID and AccuFill systems.

ReceiptNOW teller receipt printer

Network Receipt Printer

The popular ReceiptNOW Elite printer is now available with network capability.

Ready for Reg CC?

How the recent rule changes will affect check scanners and your capture process.

White Paper: The Reappearing Check

For decades, the paper check seemed to be in a tailspin – then last year, the decline in check usage flattened out dramatically. We look at the reasons behind the sudden change.

Mixed-Document Capture

The improved SmartSource Adaptive 2.0 scans checks and full-size pages together.

History: F4 Flight Simulator

A look back at one of our high-tech projects for the U.S. Air Force.

Image Enhancement: Clear by Digital Check

Certain difficult-to-scan documents are notorious for causing unreadable images – but we’ve developed software that can clean them up automatically.

ReceiptNOW teller receipt printer

Branch ... of the Future?

Why right-sizing branches might be just as important as tablets and touchscreens.

"Paper Jam" False Alarms

Support tips: That jam or misfeed error may just mean your scanner needs cleaning.

All About MICR Printing

Where it came from, how machines read it, and why the fonts look so strange.

Event Calendar

List of upcoming conferences and events attended by, or hosted by, Digital Check.

Laser Printing & Magnetism

Why self-printed checks can cause problems when it comes time to scan them.

Network Scanning

Case Study: How a regional bank implemented a virtual environment.