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CashWare – Cash Automation Software with Universal Cash Recycler Support

Cashware cash automation - logosCashWare® from Avivatech is a robust cash automation software package for banks and credit unions. This application suite combines support for almost any make or model of cash recycler with an easy-to-use GUI that integrates directly with your teller system.

Even though it’s designed to be simple for your front-line staff to use, CashWare provides greater depth and a more robust feature set for your cash recyclers than the software installed by the manufacturer. In fact, many equipment manufacturers recommend it as their preferred interface, because it lets you use their devices to their fullest potential! CashWare was developed by people with decades of experience in the retail banking side of the business, so it’s been built from the ground up with teller processes and usability in mind.

The CashWare suite of applications includes CashWare Advisor, which features powerful tracking, monitoring, and auditing tools that give financial institutions complete visibility of cash operations, all the way down to the individual device level.


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