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ID Image Capture: What It Is — and What It Isn’t

Note: The following is an excerpt from our guest article on the IBT Apps blog. Click here or follow the link at bottom for the full article.


Iowa driver's license being scanned through the front of a check scanner.“But can it scan ID cards too?”

About four or five years ago, customers started asking us that about our teller check scanners. The question had come up occasionally before, but around 2018 to 2019, suddenly it was everywhere.

Today, ID card capture is a big enough deal that we include it in virtually all our new models – but why the overnight surge in interest? What’s so different about it now that it’s more important than it was a few years ago? To answer that, let’s take a quick look at what the “new” generation of ID scanning is – and what it isn’t.

The biggest current benefit of ID capture? (It has nothing to do with security.)

Most people’s first instinct when ID capture is mentioned alongside bank transactions is that it must be part of a new high-tech security measure. Maybe the scanner will take your name and address and run them through a database, or at minimum, it’ll validate the physical features to make sure it’s not a fake – right?

The reality is that while all that sounds neat, most banks aren’t using ID card scanning that way yet because of cost and time considerations (more about that later). But one thing they CAN use it for is …

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