Digital Check scanners and teller equipment

About Digital Check

A history of innovation and quality
dating back to 1959.

Our story began in 1959, when a paper broker named Tom Anderson, Sr., hit upon a novel way of storing and organizing pieces of microfilm. Since then, we have grown into a global company that delivers the finest check processing, microfilm reading and conversion, and cash handling solutions in the world.

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Digital Check Corp.

Digital Check Corp. is the world’s largest manufacturer of desktop check scanners, as well as the parent company of multiple other enterprises in the microfilm, cash processing, and software spaces. Our world-class scanning products include the TellerScan series, the CheXpress series, and the SmartSource family of scanners acquired from Burroughs in 2016. Digital Check products have a hard-earned reputation as some of the most reliable and versatile scanning equipment on the market.

ST Imaging

Digital microfilm reader technology

One half of our Digital Check Idaho (DCI) division, ST Imaging designs and manufactures digital microfilm and microfiche readers for accessing media in settings such as libraries, schools, historical archives, and company records departments. Our main product is the ViewScan line of digital readers, which have set the industry standard since 1999. When your original media remains in physical format, ST Imaging bridges the gap between analog and digital.

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High-speed microfilm conversion

Acquired in 2015, nextScan manufactures high-speed digital conversion scanners for microfilm and microfiche. NextScan equipment is the gold standard for converting bulk quantities physical microfilm and fiche into digital files. Our continuous line-scan technology and precision optics allow our devices to digitize film at up to 2,000 frames per minute.

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Software and cash automation

Founded in 2021, Avivatech is our software division specializing in cash automation technology and check processing. Along with a comprehensive suite of cash recycler and cash operations tools, Avivatech has creative solutions for check imaging and processing. Avivatech was created as a standalone enterprise from the combination of the software divisions of Digital Check Corp. and Benchmark Technology Group.

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