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Two-Pocket Check Scanner —
SmartSource® Professional

Two-Pocket Check Scanner with Sorting

SmartSource® Professional

The SmartSource® Professional is one of just a few check scanners on the market with two-pocket sorting capability. With a top speed of 200 documents per minute, the SmartSource Professional is the ideal check scanner for high-volume teller capture.

Two-pocket check scanner - black, front right view.

The SmartSource® Professional is one of just a few check scanners on the market with two-pocket sorting capability in a desktop-sized form factor, and now has speeds up to 200 documents per minute. Dual exit pockets allow the SmartSource Professional to intelligently sort documents based on a variety of parameters set by the user. It can also maintain almost its full rated speed with the sorting function turned on – a rarity for scanners with a normal-sized track length.

One of our longest-running scanner models, the Professional is ideally suited to replace aging back-counter devices used for branch capture, delivering all the key functionality at a reasonable price.

Key Features & Benefits

Sorting Out Your Back Counter

A capable replacement for larger devices.

The SmartSource Professional is one of just a handful of desktop scanners with two exit pockets, allowing you to sort documents as they come out of the track. Most two-pocket check scanners of the past were larger devices – but the Professional is the size of a regular check scanner, while staying close to the same 200 dpm top speed. 

Most of the bulk-processing type branch scanners of the past have gone out of production, with parts and service becoming harder to find. The SmartSource Professional has the versatility to take on the high-volume batch scanning and sorting those machines used to do — but with size, cost, and complexity closer to a teller scanner. 

The Professional’s simple-maintenance design allows easy access to all replaceable components, and quick cleaning with no removal of the external covers. SmartSource scanners use the same “waffle” cleaning cards as the TellerScan product line, to remove the maximum amount of dust and debris while cleaning hard-to-reach areas inside the scanner track. The SmartSource Professional’s Inkjet endorser can print up to four lines on the back of a check or money order, capturing nearly any information you need to convey.

Stack and Save
(Space, and Money)

The ReceiptNOW® printer adds convenient capabilities.

black two-pocket check scanner stacked on top of a receipt printer.

Reduce Your Desktop Footprint

If you’re using the Professional to handle teller transactions, a modular printer can save counter space and keep cable clutter to a minimum. The original ReceiptNOW thermal printer fits underneath your SmartSource Professional scanner and connects over the same power and data cables.

Thermal Printing Means No More Ink, and Customizable Receipts

Anyone who has ever owned an inkjet or dot-matrix receipt printer can tell you that, over the lifetime of the device, you will spend more on ink than you did on the printer itself. With a thermal printer, all you’ll ever have to buy is the paper. Since it does not have to print line-by-line like an ink printer, a thermal device can run much faster in a continuous feed. ReceiptNOW comes with a software tool that allows you to add logos, taglines, and other custom messages to make your teller receipts look the way you want.

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