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Network Check Scanner —
SmartSource® Expert Elite

Network-Ready Check Scanner With Embedded API

SmartSource® Expert Elite

Based on the popular SmartSource Elite series of check scanners, the Expert Elite boasts all the best features of the enhanced Elite product line, with built-in network capability.

Network check scanner in black - front right view.

The SmartSource Expert Elite represents the state of the art in network-ready check scanning devices, backed by Digital Check’s decades of experience working with virtual branch environments. As an “embedded” network device, it contains a processor and API inside the scanner itself for maximum ease of use. This multi-feed check scanner delivers higher speeds and higher capacity for high-volume teller and RDC capture environments.

Based on the popular SmartSource Elite series of check scanners, the Expert Elite includes all the new features of the enhanced Elite product line. See below for details.

Key Features & Benefits

Designed for the Virtual Branch Environment

Operating System Independent with a Built-In API

The critical intelligence to drive and control the SmartSource Expert Elite is all contained within the device itself, making it simple to operate on nearly any kind of network environment. Digital Check’s SecureLink API uses a streamlined set of commands designed for network protocols, so that the scanner can be controlled by nearly any device that can run a web browser. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a Windows PC, an Android tablet, or a virtual environment with “thin-client” workstations — the Expert Elite will run smoothly and independently, regardless of your local network configuration. It can be located and addressed easily by all approved devices.

Most of the bulk-processing type branch scanners of the past have gone out of production, with parts and service becoming harder to find. The SmartSource Professional has the versatility to take on the high-volume batch scanning and sorting those machines used to do — but with size, cost, and complexity closer to a teller scanner. 

The Professional’s easy-maintenance design allows easy access to all replaceable components, and quick cleaning with no removal of the external covers. SmartSource scanners use the same “waffle” cleaning cards as the TellerScan product line, to remove the maximum amount of dirt and dust while cleaning hard-to-reach areas inside the scanner track. The SmartSource Professional’s Inkjet endorser can print up to four lines on the back of a check or money order, capturing nearly any information you need to convey.

Reduces Strain on Your Network Bandwidth

It might not be the most obvious issue, but even a single check scanner running at full speed can put serious bandwidth pressure on a virtual environment. Raw uncompressed check images can be 2-3 MB each — so a device scanning 200 documents per minute can displace half a gigabyte of data per minute. If the raw images are being sent straight out to the server before processing, that’s enough data to nearly saturate a 100 Mbps broadband connection.

The Expert Elite handles all image processing, cleanup, MICR processing, and image compression with its onboard processor, reducing the file sizes by as much as 99%. Your scanners can operate faster, and without causing a network bottleneck.

Automatic Cleaning Mode

New Elite series scanners — including the network-enabled Expert Elite — come with an automatic cleaning mode to help you with the maintenance of your device. As seen in the demonstration video at right, cleaning mode can be activated by pressing the “SMART” LED button three times, and the scanner scrubs the cleaning card against key components. This removes any chance for operator error, and ensures the device is cleaned thoroughly. The LED indicator also reminds you when it’s time for maintenance.

Even better, if you already own an older Expert Elite scanner, you can still enable the new cleaning mode through a firmware update. (Contact us for details.)

Click the button below to read more about cleaning and maintenance.

600 dpi Front-Feed
ID Card Capture

As technology evolves, more and more banks are phasing out the standard magstripe “swipe” reading for ID cards and using the full scanned images of IDs instead. This opens up a whole new realm of possibilities — from security tests, to auto-populating data, to customer recognition and KYC compliance initiatives.

No matter how you’re using ID card images, chances are you already have a check scanner at the teller window, so using it to capture IDs also is a win-win situation. We’ve made that even easier with a new front-facing ID card track built in to every SmartSource Elite and Expert Elite series scanner.

Many of the smaller machine-readable features on ID cards — such as bar codes and microprinting — need a high-resolution image, so we’ve upgraded the image sensors on the Elite series to capture in 600 dpi full color.

Options for Every Situation

No matter what your plans or where you are in the process of updating your branch network, the Expert Elite has something to offer you.

Teller receipt printer - all black, 3/4 side view
Teller capture scanner stacked on top of a thermal receipt printer
Network check scanner in black - 3/4 side view

USB Mode Today, Ethernet Tomorrow

If you’re considering a change to your branch environment, but your hardware replacement schedule doesn’t line up with that exactly, the SmartSource Pro Elite Plus gives you the flexibility to move ahead at your own pace. It has both a USB and an Ethernet port, as well as the same onboard intelligence of the Expert Elite — kept “dormant” until you need it. It can be converted to a fully network-ready scanner through a firmware update. Click to learn more.

Modular Receipt Printing

The ReceiptNOW Elite teller receipt printer is designed to work with all Elite series scanners, including the Expert Elite. The modular thermal printer sits underneath the scanner and saves valuable counter space at your teller stations. It’s also available in a network-ready model, with dual Ethernet ports for “chaining” it on the same wired connection as the scanner.

RNDIS – Flexible Connectivity Options

The Expert Elite supports the RNDIS “Ethernet over USB” network protocol with Windows and some Mac OS X versions. It’s capable of emulating an Ethernet connection so that it can receive the same browser-based command sets over a standard USB connection, so you have the maximum number of options for connectivity in your network environment.

Case Study

Big-Bank Networking Technology at a Local Iowa Credit Union

Linn Area Credit Union is a local institution with six branches in and around Cedar Rapids, Iowa. You might think that complex IT projects would be daunting for a financial institution of that size — but LACU has been operating a virtual branch environment for years with its own in-house team, and recently underwent a major core system overhaul as well. They chose the SmartSource Expert Elite for its versatility and proven network reliability. This is a must-read story for any local banks or credit unions that are weighing whether a move to virtual branch networks and teller stations are the right move for them. Read More >>

ID Card Image Capture
Besides its networking experience, Linn Area CU has also been using ID card image capture at the teller station for quite some time. With the core system update, they also switched to the Expert Elite’s built-in ID scanning function to simplify their workflow. We talk about what was involved in the change, as well as the potential that scanned ID card images hold for future security and Know Your Customer initiatives…

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