Digital Check scanners and teller equipment



Alignment aid for multi-feed scanners and large stacks of checks.

white check jogger machine.

Most of our multi-feed scanners have an input capacity of at least 100 checks, with the larger ones able to accept 300 or more at a time. If you are regularly scanning stacks of documents that large, straightening them with a check jogger before you start can help speed up the job and prevent paper jams.

The Digital Check SmartJogger uses rapid vibration and the force of gravity to line up both the bottom edge and leading edge of all your documents for clean feeding into the scanner — much quicker and more accurately than it’s possible to do by hand.

Make Straightening Out a Priority

A problem with thick stacks of checks is that it’s difficult to get all of them lined up straight — on the inside of the stack, a document might be misaligned without you even being able to see it. When a document is not lined up properly in a multi-feed scanner, it can cause issues such as:

… depending on whether the leading edge is too far back, or the bottom is not sitting flat. Jogging the checks beforehand can prevent these issues that cost you time — or, in some cases — lead to expensive mistakes.

Check jogger with checks