Check Scanner
Ink Cartridges

For TellerScan, CheXpress,
and SmartSource Scanner Models

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Digital Check uses two types of cartridge across our entire scanner line: Part Number MS0083 for scanners with single-line endorsers, and Part Number 822120984 for scanners with four-line endorsers. See the table below for model compatibility.

Fits the Following Scanner Models:

  • CheXpress CX30
  • TellerScan TS500
  • TellerScan TS240
  • SmartSource Micro Elite
  • SmartSource Elite 55 / Merchant Elite
  • TellerScan TS230, TS220, TS215, TS210
  • TellerScan TS4120
  • BranchXpress BX7200

Fits the Following Scanner Models:

  • SmartSource Pro Elite series
  • SmartSource Expert Elite
  • SmartSource Adaptive
  • SmartSource Professional
  • SmartSource Expert

(note: Part number 82-2120-0984 and 8221200984 are the same ink cartridge. It is listed with dashes on the product box, or without dashes on the web store.)