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Our scanners mean business. Digital Check delivers the most robust portfolio of check imaging and remote deposit hardware in the industry. Our range of check scanners includes affordable bank quality products for all Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) needs, with an eye to the future of RDC environments.  

Remote Deposit Check Scanners

The NEW CheXpress® CX35 & CX35- RNDIS

Based on our award-winning CX30 scanner, the CX35 is designed to have you Ready for Tomorrow: Zero-footprint installation, Smart Button features, and network-enablement with RNDIS.

CheXpress® CX30

Our most popular award-winning RDC scanner!  Reach speeds up to 30 documents per minute in either straight-through or feed-and-return mode. Available with inkjet, and franker.

SmartSource® Micro Elite

Our most compact single-feed scanner is also one of our most versatile, a great choice for remote deposit capture. Also supports front-feed ID card capture in full color and includes an automated cleaning mode.

Remote Deposit Check Scanners

The NEW TellerScan TS250®

USB Today, Network Tomorrow

Picking up the torch where our TS240 workhorse left off, the TellerScan TS250 converges the best in design for higher-volume check environments. Featuring zero-footprint installation and Smart Button technology.

Expert Elite

A teller scanner that delivers scan speeds of 75 DPM or 150 DPM, a 100-item input hopper, ID Scanning, and network capabilities. 

Elite 55

A low-cost RDC scanner that delivers scan speeds of 55 DPM, a 100-item input hopper,  and ID Scanning 


Ideal for high-volume remote deposit capture environments. The TS240 remains one of our most popular and versatile check scanner models of all time.

Easier, Faster: Designing for tomorrow's Remote Capture Demands


Digital Check provides a comprehensive suite of maintenance and help desk services in addition to an online help center with a robust library full of troubleshooting articles and helpful tutorials.  Visit our help center to find quick fixes to our most frequently asked questions. Or, search support topics by individual products.