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An Alternative for Your Old Check Transport Machine

Case Study: How lockbox processor Lighthouse Payment Services, Inc., replaced its aging reader/sorter devices — and came out better for it

Lighthouse Payments Services, Inc., is a Massachusetts-based provider of wholesale and retail lockbox services for banks and commercial clients. For almost 20 years, they’d used iTran reader/sorter machines to scan tens of thousands of payments and remittances per day. But as these huge, complex machines reach their end-of-support dates, their operators have difficult choices to make about replacing them. Lighthouse decided on Digital Check’s Quantum DS, and has reaped a number of benefits from the change, including operational cost savings, better reliability, and improved throughput from running multiple devices in parallel.

Bonus: It’s well-known that it’s becoming hard to find parts or service for old reader/sorters — but what does that really mean? We spoke with Agissar Corporation, which specializes in service and maintenance of commercial office equipment, to find out what it takes to keep these old machines running.


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