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CheXpress® CX35
Remote Deposit Scanner

Remote Deposit Scanner

CheXpress® CX35

The CheXpress CX35 is the successor to the CX30, the best-selling remote deposit capture scanner ever. It includes all the same features and functionality that made its predecessor great, with updated components and capabilities for the 2020s and beyond. 

As a single-feed check scanner, the CX35 is ideally suited for remote deposit, with its ease of use and affordable price point making it very attractive for businesses of all sizes. It gets all the essentials right with bank-quality MICR and OCR accuracy, and optional inkjet endorsement; and also includes new features like a multi-color Smart Button status indicator, an automated cleaning mode, and a model with optional built-in network connectivity. There has never been a remote deposit scanner that does as much as the CheXpress CX35!

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Key Features & Benefits

A Remote Deposit Capture for the Next Decade and Beyond

When our CheXpress CX30 made its debut in 2008, it was our first check scanner specifically geared toward remote deposit capture. After 14 years at the top as the best-selling model of its class, it has received an update to include all of the improvements we have developed for RDC check scanners along the way.

Just like its predecessor, the CheXpress CX35 is affordably priced for the small-business market and retains the same bank-quality accuracy and durability. Updated internal components, including a 600-dpi color image sensor, keep it current with the times; and there’s an option to add just about everything, from endorsement, franking, to networking.

Precision Built and Tested.

We take pride in our scanners’ sturdy construction and their reputation for durability, and we seek out the highest quality components from suppliers we can trust. Like all our TellerScan and CheXpress scanners, the CX35 is built in the U.S.A. at Digital Check’s California manufacturing facility, and fully tested before it goes out the door with our name on the box. We hope the CheXpress CX35 is the only remote deposit scanner you will ever need.

State-of-the-Art Features

Our customers spoke, and we listened. We have combined the affordability and quality of our best-selling RDC scanner with added state-of-the-art features to deliver a new universe of possibilities. Click on the glowing dot features on the scanner below to find out more.

4x the Image Resolution

Intuitive Smart Button with LED Status Indicator
Automated Cleaning
Driverless Scanning
Network-Enabled via RNDIS – Optional Feature*
Single-Line Endorser – Optional Feature*
Franker– Optional Feature*

4x the Resolution

The CX35 features dual 600-dpi contact image sensors and boasts quadruple the image resolution of its predecessor without a major cost hike. The sensors capture high-resolution images and use Digital Check’s Best Read® image enhancement technology to produce quality images that result in accurate read rates for your application. The scanner combines MICR reading with supplemental OCR verification to increase overall read accuracy.

New Intuitive
Smart Button

The scanner features an intuitive Smart Button that takes the guesswork out of troubleshooting. The Smart Button includes a multicolor LED status indicator, maintenance reminders, and functions to activate cleaning mode, eject documents, and switch between connection modes (USB or Ethernet over USB, select models only).

New Automated Cleaning Feature

Users can initiate the automated cleaning mode using the scanner’s intuitive smart button. The user inserts a cleaning card, and the scanner automatically scrubs the card back and forth through the check transport and cleans the sensors.

Single-Line Endorser and Franker

*Optional Features

An optional configuration is available with a (96 dpi) single-line inkjet endorser. Endorsement text is user-programmable. The endorser uses ink cartridge: MS0083 (Digital Check single-line inkjet cartridge). Optionally, users can add on a user-replaceable red ink stamp roller if franking is required.

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Zero-Footprint Install & Network-Enabled via RNDIS

*RNDIS Network Connectivity – Optional Feature

On certain models, the CheXpress CX35 uses a serial over USB connection to enable zero-footprint installation for simplified setup and operation. No driver or API file installation is required on the host computer, as the native RNDIS driver is used.

Additionally, the CX35-RNDIS (Models 157010-01 and 157010-02 only) offers an optional configuration with dual-connection modes so users can switch between USB and network scanning at any time. The CX35-RNDIS can be used as a traditional USB scanner and later switched to operate as a network-enabled device with an Ethernet-over-USB (RNDIS) connection using SecureLink 2.0 API

Built on a Foundation of Success

If the CX35 looks familiar, that’s because it is!

A Reliable, Proven Design

One of the big reasons why the CX30 continually received high marks for reliability was due to its straightforward construction and simple operation. It worked so well that hardly anything about the fundamental design has changed! With the CX35, we have packed in more features under the hood, but it is still the same great device that has sold nearly a million units worldwide.

Configuration Options

Use the table to the left to find part numbers and ordering details for the CX35 configuration options you need. 

Part Number Configuration Type
CheXpress CX35 base model, no inkjet
CheXpress CX35 base model, with inkjet
CheXpress CX35 with front franker, no inkjet
CheXpress CX35 with front franker, with inkjet
CheXpress CX35 with RNDIS networking, no inkjet
CheXpress CX35 with RNDIS networking, with inkjet

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