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TellerScan® TS250
Teller Check Scanner

Teller Check Scanner

TellerScan® TS250

Our long-running TellerScan check scanner line takes its next leap into the future with the TS250, a combination of the best that both the TellerScan and SmartSource series have to offer.

The TS250 is the first check scanner that allows you to switch between network and USB operation with the push of a button — and all versions of the TS250 have built-in network capability using the RNDIS standard.

If it looks familiar, you’re not mistaken: The TS250’s body is based on the design of the popular SmartSource Elite series. And we’ve added all of the most popular features from that product line, including the Smart LED Button, front-feed ID scan, and automated cleaning mode!

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Key Features & Benefits

State-of-the-Art Features

Our customers spoke, and we listened. We’ve combined the power and productivity of our best-selling TellerScan and SmartSource workhorses with new state-of-the-art features to deliver a new universe of possibilities. Click on the glowing dot features on the scanner below to find out more.

Double the Image Resolution
Intuitive Smart Button with LED Status Indicator
Automated Cleaning

Zero-Footprint Installation

Network-Enabled via RNDIS
Single-Line Endorser – Optional Feature*

Fast Batch-Feed Check Scanning

ID Scanning

Zero-Footprint Install &Connectivity Options

The TS250 uses a serial over USB connection to enable simplified set up and operation.

Additionally, the TS250 features dual connection modes as users can now switch between USB and network scanning at any time.

No driver or API needs to be installed on the host workstation — it uses the native Windows drivers that are already there!

Faster Check Scanning

The TS250 features a 100-item capacity input hopper and 150-item capacity exit tray to easily handle large stacks of checks. Variable scan speeds are available to meet medium to high-volume scanning demands. Speed options include 55, 75, or up to 120 documents per minute. It keeps up that fastest scan speed of 120 DPM when used over a network with SecureLink 2.0 via RNDIS, with no loss of performance.

4x the Resolution

The TS250 features dual 600 dpi contact image sensors and boasts quadruple the raw resolution capability of its predecessor. The scanner captures high-resolution images and uses Digital Check’s Best Read® image enhancement technology and MICR reading with supplemental OCR verification to achieve optimal image quality and accurate read rates.

Adds ID Scanning

Unlike its predecessor, the TS250 offers support for full color ID scanning. It uses 600 dpi image sensors capable of reading 2D barcode data and can accurately capture even the finest of details required to accurately read security features such as microprinting and ghosted images. It also feeds ID cards from the front for easier access!

New Automated Cleaning Feature

Users can initiate the scanner’s automated cleaning mode using the Smart Button. The user inserts a cleaning card, and the scanner automatically begins a cleaning sequence that scrubs the card back and forth through the check transport and cleans the sensors.

New Intuitive Smart Button

The scanner features an intuitive Smart Button that takes the guesswork out of troubleshooting. The Smart Button includes a color LED status indicator, maintenance reminders, and functions to activate cleaning mode, eject documents, and switch between connection modes (USB or RNDIS, select models only).

Single-Line Endorser

*Optional Feature

An optional configuration is available with a (96 dpi) single-line inkjet endorser. Endorsement text is user programmable. The endorser uses ink cartridge: MS0083 (Digital Check single-line inkjet cartridge)


How the TS250 stacks up against its predecessor, the TellerScan TS240

What's the Difference?

TS240 TS250
300 dpi
600 dpi
ID Scan
Feeder Orientation
Left Side
Right Side
Cleaning Function
Power Consumption
45 W
25 W
APIs Supported
Digital Check API
Digital Check API,
SmartPVA (55 DPM Only)
SecureLink 2.0
With external SecureLink adapter
Built-in Ethernet over USB (RNDIS)

What's Similar?

TS240 TS250
Endorsement Option
Single-line rear endorser
Single-line rear endorser
Ink Cartridge
50 / 75 / 100 dpm
55 / 75 / 120 dpm

A Winning Combination

For decades, TellerScan and SmartSource have been two of the leading names in check scanners. The TellerScan TS250 represents the intersections of those two great brands, combining the best features of each in a package that finally looks and feels the same across both product families.

If the TS250 looks similar to a SmartSource Elite series scanner, that’s because it is! We’ve incorporated the same proven engineering and design concepts into our newest member of the TellerScan line, along with all the improvements that we’ve come up with in the meantime.

Our Most Versatile TellerScan Ever.

Part of the appeal of the TS250 is that it can work just about anywhere. For starters, it crosses the boundary between the TellerScan and SmartSource lines. If you’ve got a mix of Digital Check and SmartSource-branded devices across your organization, you can be sure this scanner will fit your IT profile no matter which direction you’re headed. With additional support for the SecureLink 2.0 network protocol, it is the first device that works across all three of our major API releases. 

The other part of versatility is compatibility with any network! Every TellerScan TS250 unit comes equipped with the built-in capability to use RNDIS, or “Ethernet over USB,” to connect to workstations in virtual environments. That’s no mistake: Every single TS250 contains the firmware for USB and Ethernet-connected operation and can be switched at any time. The scanner works as a regular USB-connected scanner and the network feature can be activated at any time with a sequence on the smart button.

You can use the API to control settings such as image resolution, color or grayscale capture, and more. With a 150-item exit capacity and a top speed of 120 documents per minute in network mode, the TS250 is capable of handling any workload that a bank demands, whether that’s teller capture at the front window, bulk capture at the back counter, or even deployment in the field for high-volume remote deposit capture (RDC) customers. It’s truly the one scanner that has it all.

Part Number Configuration Type
TellerScan TS250, 55 dpm, no inkjet
TellerScan TS250, 55 dpm, with inkjet endorser
TellerScan TS250, 75 dpm, no inkjet
TellerScan TS250, 75 dpm, with inkjet endorser
TellerScan TS250, 120 dpm, with inkjet endorser

Configuration Options

Use the table to the left to find part numbers and ordering details for the TS250 configuration options you need. 

More Specifications

Unit Dimensions


APIs / Operating Systems