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Network Remote Deposit Scanner —
SmartSource® Expert Micro Elite

Network-Ready Remote Deposit Check Scanner

Expert Micro Elite

The SmartSource Expert Micro Elite is a network-ready RDC scanner with a compact footprint. This single-feed scanner is the perfect device for lower volume check capture environments.

Micro Elite RDC scanner.

The SmartSource Expert Micro Elite is Digital Check’s first single feed check scanner with built-in network technology. The embedded processor running our SecureLink 2.0 API allows browser-based control from any connected PC or handheld device, including tablets, smartphones, and other touchscreens. It is an ideal solution for networked Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) or specialty branch situations. 

Based on the popular SmartSource Micro Elite, this device measures just 7 inches by 5 inches, about the size of a postcard. It has all the same features of its cousin, including ID card capture and a rated speed of up to 45 documents per minute. The Micro Elite is an affordable, OS-independent intelligent device that is ideally suited for thin-client workstations and virtual desktop environments.

Key Features & Benefits

Compact Size, But Network-Ready

The Smallest RDC Scanner With Embedded Network Technology

At a time when most network check scanners are bigger devices designed for the teller window, the Expert Micro Elite provides the same connectivity options in a pint-sized frame. Not all RDC users need the type of high-speed scanner you would find at a bank, and now they have the option of a single-feed device that will work regardless of their operating environment. 

The Expert Micro Elite contains all the same great features as the Micro Elite, including an optional inkjet endorser, automated cleaning mode, ID card capture, and a Smart LED color status indicator and control button. It is made to handle documents as quickly as you can put them into the feeder — a rated speed of up to 45 documents per minute, with minimal or no loss of speed over a network connection (see below). 

Teller-grade components make the Micro Elite as durable and low-maintenance as many comparable devices priced twice as high. You can be sure that your scanner will be ready when you need it. With a rated lifespan of over one million scans, it can handle your RDC workload for years on end.

Automatic Cleaning Mode & ID Card Capture

Even though it is an RDC scanner, the Micro Elite comes with many of the great new features we developed for the teller line.

An automatic cleaning mode, as seen in the video at right, uses the motion of the feed mechanism to “scrub” the paper track and key components, making sure maintenance is done right. The LED indicator also reminds you when it is time for a cleaning.

As with the Elite series models, if you have an older Micro Elite, you can still enable the new cleaning mode through a firmware update. (Contact us for details.)

For users who need to scan customer ID card images, the Micro Elite has a straight-through path for capturing rigid objects. A new TWAIN interface for exporting to other programs may be available if supported by your bank’s deposit platform.

Easy on Your Network Bandwidth

In a virtual environment, the size of files crossing your network is critically important — too much traffic from your workstations to a central server can bog down your entire network.

You would not necessarily think about it, but the raw image file of a scanned check is typically 2-3 MB, and in a standard, USB-tethered Windows environment, all the image processing and compression is handled on the PC that the scanner is attached to. In a virtual environment, the workstation is not set up to do that, and so without any intervention, the raw files will go out over your network at full size.

The Expert Micro Elite solves this problem with its own embedded processor, so the images are compressed onboard the scanner itself before they hit your network. That small difference in the order of operations prevents big-time headaches later! For more about how built-in network capability helps your scanner run smoothly in a virtual environment, read more about how our network APIs work.

Image Compression

Staying In-Network

Why embedded intelligence makes network-ready devices more versatile

Network adapter for check scanners, black hockey puck shape
Micro Elite RDC scanner.
Expert Elite Network Check Scanner.

Perfect for Your More Sophisticated RDC Customers

Many RDC users are small businesses operating in standard PC-based environments – but sometimes you will find customers with advanced IT environments, or special situations that involve device sharing, touchscreen control, and other niche use cases. The Expert Micro Elite can fit right in to almost any situation with its streamlined set of browser-based commands, allowing it to be addressed by devices of all kinds.

Break Free of Operating System Constraints

Not every RDC customer is running windows, but most standard USB-connected scanners tend to rely on Windows-based drivers and command sets. The embedded API in the Expert Micro Elite provides a simplified way to interface with macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and virtually any other operating system you may encounter.

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