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ReceiptNOW® Teller Receipt Printer

Teller Receipt Printer


The original stackable thermal printer that saves you space at the teller window.
(fits TellerScan TS240 and SmartSource Professional scanners)

receipt printer stacked under a check scanner.

Add receipt printing capabilities to your teller scanner with the ReceiptNOW line of teller transaction printers.

The ReceiptNOW fits underneath your check scanner and outputs fast and easy receipts with a thermal printer. The stacked configuration is a popular way to save counter space, and also reduces wire clutter at the teller station. With few moving parts, and no ink cartridges or ribbons to change, thermal printers can print faster than most inkjet models, with little downtime for maintenance or refilling.

ReceiptNOW original - teller receipt printer

Key Features & Benefits

Bringing the Heat

Experience the Benefits of Thermal Printing

Cost Savings

Paying for a receipt printer does not end with the purchase price – you will be paying for ink ribbons and cartridges for the lifetime of the device. Over time, this can turn out to be more than you paid for the printer itself.

With a thermal printer, there is no ink to buy, ever – just the cost of the paper. You will save hundreds of dollars over the lifespan of your ReceiptNOW printer.

Higher Speed:

Thermal printers operate in a continuous feed, not line-by-line like ink-based printers. That lets them operate many times faster – nearly a foot per second!

Quality Printing, Complex Designs:

Since there is no ink, smudges, saturation, and drying time is not a problem – so you can print anything you want on your receipts. That includes standard characters, images, logos, marketing messages, or just about anything else you can think of.

Stack It with Style

ReceiptNOW printers with TellerScan scanners

Now fits both TellerScan® and SmartSource® models

ReceiptNOW printers are now compatible with the TellerScan line of scanners, including the TellerScan TS240 (left) and TS500 (right). While originally designed to fit with our SmartSource line of scanners, an adapter baseplate provides the correct fit with the TellerScan models as well — another win for cross-compatibility!

The adapter is included with all new ReceiptNOW printer purchases or is available for existing devices by special request. Please note that the TellerScan TS500 fits the ReceiptNOW Elite only; TS240 owners should use the larger ReceiptNOW original model.

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