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SmartSource® Pro Elite
High-Volume Teller Capture Check Scanner

High-Volume Check Scanner
for Teller Capture

SmartSource® Pro Elite

The SmartSource Pro Elite is a multi-feed check scanner that delivers higher speeds and higher capacity for
high-volume teller capture environments.

Check scanner for teller capture - Pro Elite

One of our most versatile check scanners has gotten even better! Designed for everyday use at the teller window, or for high-volume RDC, the SmartSource Pro Elite now features speeds up to 170 documents per minute, plus a variety of configuration options.
The new enhanced Pro Elite also boasts an automatic cleaning mode, 600 dpi color image sensors, and front-feed ID card capture. See below to learn more.

Key Features & Benefits

Probably the Best All-Around Scanner You Can Buy

Getting the Fundamentals Right

Standard features on the SmartSource Pro Elite series of check scanners include an automatic feeder with speeds up to 170 documents per minute (dpm), industry-leading Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) reader, and superior image quality with 600 dpi image cameras. It also includes easy-access covers and user-replaceable parts. The Pro Elite is a popular choice for high-volume teller operations that require a multi-feed scanner. 

The SmartSource Pro Elite has one of the smallest footprints in the market in its class, saving valuable teller counter space. When it is running, the Pro Elite boasts a miserly 25-Watt power consumption. A larger output pocket and built-in double document detection help keep batches running smoothly.

Options for Everyone

Besides different options for “speeds and feeds,” the Pro Elite has a 4-line inkjet endorser that can be used to print customizable messages. It is also available in a UV model for the international market, with a front-side ultraviolet camera for capturing enhanced document features. The Pro Elite can perform dual UV and visible-light capture at up to 80 documents per minute. For financial institutions operating in virtual branch environments, the SmartSource Expert Elite and Pro Elite Plus offer network-ready choices for today and tomorrow.

Automatic Cleaning Mode

Newer Elite series scanners come with an automatic cleaning mode to help you with the maintenance of your device. As seen in the demonstration video at right, cleaning mode can be activated by pressing the “Smart” LED button three times. The scanner scrubs the cleaning card against key components. reducing the chance for operator error, and ensuring that the device is thoroughly cleaned. The LED indicator also reminds you when it is time for maintenance.

Even better, if you already own a recent Elite series scanner that does not have this enhancement, you can still enable the new cleaning mode through a firmware update. (Contact Digital Check Support for details.)

Click the button below to read more about cleaning and maintenance.

600 dpi Front-Feed
ID Card Capture

As technology evolves, more and more banks are phasing out the standard magstripe “swipe” reading for ID cards and instead are using the full scanned images of IDs. This opens up a whole new realm of possibilities — from security tests to auto-populating data, to customer recognition and KYC compliance initiatives.

No matter how you’re using ID card images, chances are you already have a check scanner at the teller window, so using it to capture IDs also is a win-win situation. We’ve made that even easier with a new front-facing ID card track built into every SmartSource Elite series scanner.

Many of the smaller machine-readable features on ID cards — such as bar codes and microprinting — need a high-resolution image, so we’ve upgraded the image sensors on the Elite series to capture in 600 dpi full color.

Stack the Odds in Your Favor

The ReceiptNOW® Elite modular printer adds even more value to this versatile device.

Teller receipt printer - all black, 3/4 side view
Teller capture scanner stacked on top of a thermal receipt printer
Check scanner for teller capture - Pro Elite

A Modular Space-Saver

The ReceiptNOW Elite teller receipt printer is designed to work with all Elite series scanners, including the Pro Elite. The modular thermal printer sits underneath the scanner and saves valuable counter space at your teller stations. It is also available in a network-ready model with dual Ethernet ports.

Thermal Printing Saves Time and Money

As a thermal device, the ReceiptNOW Elite doesn’t use any inkjet cartridges or dot-matrix ribbons. All you ever need to replace is the paper!

Since it prints continuously rather than line-by-line, the ReceiptNOW Elite can print at nearly 1 foot per second — much faster than ink-based options. It also costs you nothing to print logos, taglines, or any other messages you choose on each receipt, taking the place of the custom pre-printed logo paper that many banks use.

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