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Resources & Educational Material For your Digital Check Scanner

From phantom paper jams to black streaks across your images, certain scanning issues seem to happen for no reason at all. We take some time out to explain the most common ‘mystery problems’ and how to solve them. (Spoiler: Most of them come down to cleaning!)    See More >>

Check Scanner Cleaning paper cover

Free White Paper:
An Ounce of Prevention

Would you let your car go without an oil change until the engine broke down? Certainly not – but for some reason, that’s how a lot of people treat their scanners!

In this short paper, we do the math behind the costs and benefits of cleaning your scanner regularly, compared to the costs of NOT cleaning your scanner. We also take a look at some of the most common problems caused by dust, debris, and buildup in your scanner, and how to identify them.

Lack of cleaning is the most common cause of preventable support desk calls, service requests, and “no trouble found” repair issues among our bank and end-user customers. A 10-minute read will help you avoid these pitfalls and stop a small problem from turning into a big one.

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All Digital Check scanners now use the same cleaning cards! This includes the TellerScan, CheXpress, and all SmartSource products.

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