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XpressCash – Cash Automation System for Retail Businesses

Cash recyclersXpressCash from Avivatech is a best-of-breed cash automation platform designed specifically for the retail space. The platform works with most cash recyclers and contains the tools you need manage cash operations at the point of sale or in the retail back-office environment.

  • XpressSCAN
    For businesses that receive large volumes of checks, XpressSCAN from Avivatech streamlines the entire deposit process from start to finish. The solution captures images of checks to process and deposit them into your bank via legally compliant X9.37 files. XpressSCAN can connect to any bank, enabling you to deposit funds to as many accounts as you wish.
  • XpressControl
    XpressControl from Avivatech provides the visibility you need to manage cash and recyclers across your retail locations. The solution’s easy-to-use dashboard empowers you to analyze the performance of any cash recycler or dispenser on the XpressCash platform.
    Plus, the powerful drill-down capabilities of XpressControl offer real-time oversight of transaction data, cash throughout the recycler network, and device health. You can also view activity by employee, time frame, dollar value, and many other parameters. For retailers with multiple point-of-sale locations and tills or numerous cashiers or delivery drivers who bring in payments, XpressControl provides greater command over operations.

Avivatech’s Retail Solutions provide all-in-one hardware and software packages, including the right cash recyclers and/or check scanners for each location. Avivatech will help you choose the optimal hardware solution suitable for your cash operations, and we’ll guide you through the installation and setup.


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