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Digital Check’s New TellerScan® TS250 and CheXpress® CX35 Check Scanners Are Now Available for Purchase

Digital Check scanners and teller equipment

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TellerScan TS250 and CheXpress CX35 - now available banner.Northbrook, IL, May 2, 2024 – Digital Check Corp. is pleased to announce that it is now accepting orders for its two next-generation scanners, the TellerScan TS250 and the CheXpress CX35, effective today, May 2. Initially announced in October, the two new models are now in general production after being tested for the past few months in pilot programs with select software providers.

The multi-feed TellerScan TS250 brings the latest in image capture technology to the TellerScan family, including popular features such as automated cleaning, higher-resolution image sensors, and network capability that can be activated with the press of a button. It includes front-feed ID card scanning capability in full color at 600 dpi, sufficient to read microprinting, 2D barcodes, and other security features used by the top validation programs.

The single-feed CheXpress CX35 is a direct successor to the CheXpress CX30, the best-selling check scanner of all time. It also adds automated cleaning and a smart LED status indicator, while maintaining the same quality and reliability that made the original platform the world’s most popular check scanner.

“The market responded enthusiastically to the improvements that Digital Check announced for two of our most successful scanning platforms, and we are excited to deliver those today as real working products,” says Michael Donovan, Digital Check’s VP of global sales. “This step forward will carry the banks and credit unions that use our products well into the future, and Digital Check is eager to prove once again that we are The Secure Choice® in banking technology.”

Both new scanner models have an option to switch from a standard USB connection to a network mode using Remote Network Driver Interface Specification (RNDIS), commonly known as Ethernet over USB. All models of the TS250 and select models of the CX35 can switch to and from network mode with a simple button press. RNDIS mode also offers a “zero-footprint” installation profile, in which no additional drivers or software need to be installed on the host computer – greatly simplifying the integration and installation process for non-Windows operating systems such as macOS and Linux.

The two new scanners also employ the same Best Read® image technology and adaptive thresholding that have made the TellerScan and CheXpress product families famous for delivering the highest-quality images and some of the lowest exception rates and Non-Conforming Image (NCI) rejection rates in the industry.

Although the two new devices succeed the TellerScan TS240 and CheXpress CX30, both of those existing models remain in active production.

More information about the new CX35 and TS250 can be found at:

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