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Digital Check Announces Higher Top Speed for SmartSource Pro Elite and Pro Elite Plus Series Check Scanners

Fastest-rated model now scans 170 documents per minute

Northbrook, IL, May 10, 2022 – SmartSource Elite speed increaseDigital Check’s SmartSource Elite series scanners are receiving a speed boost at the top end, with the fastest models now operating at 170 documents per minute (dpm). The increase applies specifically to the fastest-rated model of the SmartSource Pro Elite and Pro Elite Plus, which currently operate at 155 dpm. New 170 dpm units will begin shipping in May.

The higher speed is enabled by a new firmware version that will be standard on all new devices, with no mechanical changes – effectively a no-charge upgrade for customers who purchase new SmartSource scanners.

“We are constantly searching for ways to make our devices more efficient, as part of our process of continuous improvement,” says Mike Donovan, Digital Check’s vice president of North America sales. “In this case, our regular development cycle was able to produce a roughly ten percent performance increase from the same hardware, and so we are happy to pass that benefit along to our customers.”

Notably, the higher speed does not result in any compromises on image quality; the scanners still capture and process images at their full resolution.

The SmartSource Elite series have recently seen a number of no-charge upgrades: Prior to the speed increase, an automated cleaning mode was added across the entire product line. Like the speed increase, the cleaning mode can be added retroactively to recently purchased devices. Financial institutions and resellers that use SmartSource products are encouraged to contact their Digital Check representatives for more details.

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