Digital Check scanners and teller equipment

Most scanners on the market today focus on the teller window or remote deposit capture, but back counter branch capture is a different process that demands different equipment. Faster speeds, higher capacities – and, of course, durability – all come into play much more than they would with ordinary banking devices. Digital Check has three scanners that can meet your branch capture needs in different ways.

SmartSource Professional®

The SmartSource Professional was originally built for teller capture, but has found extended life as one of the best branch capture scanners on the market. Its powerful motors, two-pocket design, and real-time sorting make it an ideal fit for modern branch capture operations. At 120 or 200SmartSource Professional scanner documents per minute (DPM), it can run through even the largest workloads quickly. It can sort scanned documents into two separate exit pockets – for example, one for on-us checks and one for transit items – and is among the only devices that can do so on a standard track length without any loss of speed.

Since it does not require an extended track for high-speed sorting, the SmartSource Professional takes up much less space than most other branch capture devices. With routine cleaning and basic maintenance, it can provide a useful lifetime in the millions of scans with little to no maintenance. To learn more about the SmartSource Professional, visit our full product page for details.

TellerScan® TS500

Bank Branch Back Counter ScanningIt might have “Teller” in the name, but the TellerScan TS500 is versatile enough to handle the large batches at the back counter if called upon. Also boasting a top speed of 200 DPM, along with the AccuTrac® self-alignment system, the TS500 has both the speed and sturdiness to serve in a branch capture environment.

If space is at a premium and expense is a consideration, the TS500 can handle the production needs of your organization. To learn more about the TellerScan TS500, visit our full product page for details.

SmartSource® Quantum DS

A true reader-sorter with a back counter form factor and a focus on ease of use! The SmartSource Quantum DS is best suited for locations that serve as the collection point for large batches of checks and other items — for example, an office that processes checks for all the branches in an area, or a bank branch that handles all the lockbox transactions for a region.

Digital Check QuantumDSA powerful processing machine that can handle all your branch and back-office needs, the Quantum DS also comes without a massive footprint or maintenance budget. At a rated speed of 200 documents per minute, it ranks among the fastest, small form-factor, mass-market reader-sorters available.

Available with 12 pockets at 200-item capacity each, and a 300-item feeder that can be refilled while in motion, the Quantum DS can sort through even your biggest batches all in one go.