Digital Check scanners and teller equipment

Digital Check TellerScan TS240 Scanner used for remote deposit Most of our remote deposit capture (RDC) customers are small and mid-sized businesses who handle between 10 and 50 checks or money orders per day. For them, a simple, affordable, yet accurate and reliable scanner is the way to go. Digital Check offers the CheXpress® CX30 and the SmartSource® Micro Elite scanners with just this audience in mind.

At an MSRP starting at just $329, the CheXpress CX30 is among the lowest priced duplex check scanners with a magnetic MICR read head available today. Its single feed input speeds through your checks at up to 30 documents per minute.

The SmartSource Micro Elite has the smallest footprint of any check scanner in the industry, yet it also handles up to 30 documents per minute throughput for checks.  This device also scans ID cards.

For those depositing higher numbers of checks (more than 20 to 50 checks per day), a high speed, multi-feed device like the TellerScan® TS240 or SmartSource® Elite or Pro Elite scanners are a great investment to save time and effort.  Each of these devices scans from 50 to 155 documents per minute, depending on the model, which can handle the largest of RDC operations.

The SmartSource Adaptive provides the flexibility to scan both checks and full page documents in a smaller footprint than most full page scanners.  This device also scans ID cards.

For help deciding which speed makes the most sense for your business, download our free white paper, Deconstructing the Scanner Speed Wars.

All of Digital Check’s image optimization tools work with each of our remote deposit capture scanners.

  • Best Read® API automatically chooses from multiple images of each check with varying light levels to produce the one with the highest quality image.
  • Special Document Handling™ is designed to recognize commonly occurring problem documents such as money orders and apply preset filters to achieve a clean image.
  • Clear by Digital Check® can be used after the fact to perform image cleanup on individual areas of a check with a simple click-and-drag interface. (These software tools sit on the bank’s side of the system, and are not used by the individual end user.)

For banks with many remote deposit capture scanners out in the field, Advisor by Digital Check® can provide you the precise location of each device, as well as provide basic information about scanner health and maintenance. Advisor has been hailed by banks as a key link in the effort to comply with BSA/AML and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements for remote deposit capture. The software can be deployed remotely with any new or existing scanner used for remote deposit in the field.

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