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Top Ten Reasons to Select Digital Check’s TS240


This is the third of a five part installment examining the reasons that Digital Check’s TS240 is the right choice for your teller deployment. In the first installment, we looked at the reliability rates of the fourth generation TS240 both out of the box and over the long-term. Digital Check’s commitment to continuous quality improvement has led to our scanners having the highest reliability in the industry. In the second installment, we introduced Digital Check’s new TS240/TTP, a combined teller window check scanner and teller transaction receipt printer. This unique device is the perfect solution for saving valuable teller counter space and reducing the cost of traditional inkjet printers. We also looked at the foolproof design of the TS240 that makes it easy and intuitive for tellers to use. In this issue we will look at two additional reasons that the TS240 and TS240/TTP are the easiest check scanners to use at the teller window. Today we look at the TS240’s easy, single-handed operation and ease of installation.

#5 – TS240’s Single-Handed Operation
Let’s face it, bank tellers are expected to juggle a lot of tasks at the same time while providing the customer with full attention and a smile. It is not an easy job. Why would we want to make their job more difficult by asking them to use two hands to operate our check scanner? This is why we designed the TS240 for single-handed operation. There are no paddles to push out of the way when you have a large stack of checks. You don’t have to be a juggler to operate our scanner. So, whether you are feeding a single check or a batch of 100 checks, you can do it with one hand to spare with Digital Check’s TS240 scanner.

#6 – TS240’s Easy Installation
Setting up the TS240 is as easy as 1-2-3. Once the software is loaded onto the PC, simply pull the scanner out of the recyclable cardboard container, remove the center cover and insert the ink cartridge (inkjet models only), plug the power supply into the scanner and into the wall, and plug in the USB cable and you are ready to go! No additional assembly is required. There are no trays to snap on, no catchers to slide in, no additional steps are required.

Digital Check’s TS240 is certified with all of the leading teller applications, so there should be no drivers to install or any additional software required. It is just that easy to set up our scanner. In fact, it probably takes longer to read this article than it does to set up our scanner. For more information about Digital Check’s TS240 scanner go to our web contact form, or call 888-838-5744.


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