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Top Ten Reasons to Select Digital Check’s TS240 for Your Teller Project

This is the second of a five part installment examining the reasons that Digital Check’s TS240 is the right choice for your teller deployment. In the first installment, we looked at the reliability rates of the 5th generation TS240 both out of the box and over the long-term. Digital Check’s commitment to continuous quality improvement has led to our scanners having the highest reliability in the industry.

In the last issue, we also looked at features like Digital Check’s adaptive thresholding feature that provides the highest CAR/LAR and MICR read rates leading to improved throughput and reduced exceptions. These exceptions can be very costly to any bank; however, our adaptive thresholding leads to the lowest overall total cost of ownership in the industry.

imgTS240/TTP (teller transaction printer)
Today, we will shift the focus and look at the flexibility of the TS240, and especially at our unique TS240/TTP, teller transaction printer module that can be added to the scanner. Counter space is always at a premium at the teller window and the competition for that limited real estate can be fierce. Digital Check has a solution by combining the footprint of two devices that each formerly required its own space. Within the same footprint, Digital Check has combined our TS240 scanner with an advance function transaction receipt printer.

This isn’t just any printer. The TTP unit is capable of not only printing the transaction information onto the receipt, but also printing images of the checks deposited, as well as a customizable marketing message. Customers are becoming familiar with these types of receipts at image-enabled ATMs, and can now get the same type of receipt at the teller window, allowing banks to extend their brand image and message across two different platforms.

The TS240/TTP houses a thermal printing engine which provides lower cost receipts than a traditional inkjet printer. The unit also uses the same size paper as is commonly found in image-enabled ATMs allowing banks to combine their purchasing power across the two platforms.

TS240 Foolproof Design
The TS240 was redesigned to make it foolproof to use. This 5th generation scanner has been improved generation after generation to improve the ease of use and increase the uptime of operation. One of the most noticeable features of the TS240 over its predecessor, the TS230 is the cover design. This design was not only meant to make the scanner look like a more contemporary piece of equipment at the teller window, but is also quite functional. First, we enclosed the scan heads to reduce the amount of dust that enters into that area and thereby, reducing the frequency of scanner cleaning. The number of covers has been reduced from three to two, making them easier to take off and replace. Second, we eliminated the need to assemble parts when the scanner is set-up. The exit tray simply slides out for larger business sized checks. Third, we opened up the feed track for one-handed operation with batches of up to 100 checks.

Digital Check has also added new image sensors that allow the paper to pass by without touching the glass. This also reduces the frequency of cleaning and the need to access the sensor assembly. You no longer have to even turn the scanner on. We have removed the power switch and allow the scanner to power up and down with the PC. When not in use for a designated time period, the scanner goes into sleep mode for reduced power consumption. Finally, we have only one indicator light on the scanner that flashes in different colors depending upon the message. Yellow means that the checks are staged and ready to scan. Green means that the scanner is operating fine. Red indicates that there may be an issue like a potential double feed that should be checked into.

All in all, we have made the TS240 as easy to use as we can. It is the no hassle scanner for the teller window. For more information, contact Digital Check through our website contact form or call 888-838-5744.


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