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Top Ten Reasons to Select Digital Check’s TS240 for Your Teller Project

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This is the first of a five part series that will look at the top reasons that the Digital Check TellerScan TS240 is the right choice for your branch and teller window automation. This series will be featured in the next five issues of Digital Communications. Today we will look at the first two reasons to select the TS240: 1) Reliability; and, 2) Improved throughput and reduced exceptions.

#1 – Reliability
Digital Check’s TS240 is a 5th generation scanner and successor to the proven workhorse, the TS230. The TS240 is building its own highly successful track record of teller automation. The TellerScan line of scanners has hundreds of thousands of installs worldwide and has industry leading out of box and long-term reliability rates.

Digital Check’s fulfillment channel partners report that our scanners achieve the lowest return rates and out-of-box failure rate in the industry. Some TellerScan users have experienced production usage of over 10,000,000 items processed per scanner.

Digital Check is dedicated to Continuous Quality Improvement which has helped us maintain our reputation for virtually zero out-of-box failures, a 100% on-time delivery track record for the past 24 months, 100% guarantee for 24 hour turnaround for advanced unit replacement service, and our extremely high reliability standards with warranty claim rates ranging from 0.4% to 0.9% depending on the specific model within the product line.

#2 – Improved throughput and reduced exceptions
Banks want scanners that not only operate reliably, but also provide fast overall throughput and accurate MICR/CAR and minimal IQA exceptions. For over 15 years, Digital Check has prided itself in scanners that meet and surpass that expectation. The TS240 features adaptive thresholding, a unique feature that captures the check image in multiple thresholding settings and intelligently selects the highest quality bitonal image to pass along to the teller capture application.

Thresholding is a feature of removing unnecessary background images from the check or money order, while preserving the necessary data for Courtesy Amount Recognition and Legal Amount Recognition (CAR/LAR), as well as Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR). The better the thresholding, the higher the CAR/LAR and MICR optical read rates and the lesser the need for costly human intervention.

This is why Digital Check scanners provide the lowest overall total cost of operation and ownership.


Digital Check’s adaptive thresholding allows us to provide the highest IQA rates and the highest quality images for superior CAR/LAR and MICR read rates. As one bank scanner tester recently told us, “I just can’t get the TS240 to give me an IQA error.” Errors and exceptions can be costly to banks, which is why Digital Check’s TS240 is the Secure Choice for your teller application. For more information about the TS240 or other Digital Check products, fill out our web contact form, or call 847-446-2285.


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