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Top Ten Reasons to Select Digital Check’s TS240 for Your Teller Project

imgThis This is the fourth of a five part installment examining the reasons that Digital Check’s TS240 is the right choice for your teller deployment. In the first installment, we looked at the reliability rates of the 5th generation TS240 both out of the box and over the long-term. Digital Check’s commitment to continuous quality improvement has led to our scanners having the highest reliability in the industry. In the second installment, we introduced Digital Check’s new TS240/TTP, a combined teller window check scanner and teller transaction receipt printer. This unique device is the perfect solution for saving valuable teller counter space and reducing the cost of traditional inkjet printers. We also looked at the foolproof design of the TS240 that makes it easy and intuitive for tellers to use. The third installment featured the TS240’s single-handed operation, ideal for the busy bank teller, and the fool-proof, easy installation of the TS240. In this issue we will look at the reliability of Digital Check’s scanners and the check scanner deployment assistance we offer with each of our scanners purchased – a great benefit for those large teller roll outs.

In this issue, we will discuss Digital Check’s unique special document handling feature and our scanner deployment assistance program.

#7 Special Document Handline
Digital Check’s TS240 is designed to handle the most difficult of documents. Whether it is money orders, checks with heavy backgrounds, or counter documents, we can achieve significantly higher CAR/LAR read rates with our special document handling feature. Digital Check’s API is designed to recognize the type of document being scanned and to adjust our thresholding settings according to the specific document type. However, it doesn’t end there.
Each money order is different in regard to the location at which the information is printed. Our special document handling feature is designed to know the location on the document and to give special treatment to that area to achieve the highest CAR/LAR results possible.

Many banks find that their own counter documents can create CAR challenges. Printed with light colored ink that can vary in color from document to document, these items are scanned with each teller transaction and can be the most difficult to threshold effectively. The TS240 can be optimized to read these documents with special settings to significantly improve the read rates of these items.

Digital Check was the first to introduce special documents handling and it is offered along with our TS240 and other Digital Check scanners. .

#8 Digital Check Scanner Deployment Assistance
When you buy a scanner, you also buy the company that stands behind that scanner and nobody stands behind their scanners better than Digital Check. We have built a reputation as The Secure Choice over our more than 50 years in business because we work so closely with our customers to make sure that they have the best experience with our devices.
Deploying new devices can be a challenge as new people have to be trained to use and maintain them properly. This is why Digital Check offers Scanner Deployment Assistance to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Digital Check offers both web-based and onsite train the trainer sessions or user training sessions complete with manuals and documentation. The cost of this training is extremely reasonable and can be delivered anywhere in the continental United States. For more information on Digital Check’s deployment assistance program, please contact us via our web contact form or at (847) 446-2285.


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