Digital Check scanners and teller equipment

Introducing What's Next in Check Scanners

CheXpress® CX35

The CX35 is the latest in low-volume remote deposit scanners from the company that created the category. It was designed to offer bank quality imaging at an affordable price and offer the capability to connect as a secure network-enabled device, now or in the future.

TellerScan® TS250

The TS250 is the leader in the most advanced generation of RDC batch feed check scanners in the industry. Its speed, functionality, simplified setup and embedded intelligence mean the TS250 comes to you ready for tomorrow but is fully capable today.

TellerScan TS250 and CheXpress CX35 check scanners on wooden table.

Proven Platforms, Updated with Tomorrow's Technology

At Digital Check, we have been preparing for the future of bank payment processing every day for over 60 years. And we’re proud to be introducing what’s next in check scanners. The TS250 and CX35 are designed to combine next gen features and user experience to increase productivity and mitigate disruption today with the flexibility to become network-enabled tomorrow.


Be Ready for Tomorrow

Our new scanners are ready for tomorrow. Your payment processing can be too. Get started by connecting with us today.