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Fiserv Banking

includes: Integrated Teller, Precision,
ClearTouch Teller, Signature

Fiserv Credit Union

IMM, Portico, XP2


Mobil UX, DNA tMagic

RDC / Treasury

single-feed & high-speed scanners

Unleash the Power of Networking

 SmartSource® Expert Elite

Check scanner stacked on top of a black receipt printer.
  • Speeds up to 150 documents per minute (dpm)
  • Automated cleaning and front-feed ID capture
  • Compatible with nearly any operating system
  • Stackable multifunction combo with ReceiptNOW® printer

Ideal for your virtual branch environment

Switching to a virtual branch network is a game-changer — but are your teller stations ready to make the change?

Digital Check’s SmartSource Expert Elite contains built-in network intelligence that makes connecting your scanner a snap, and onboard processing power that prevents it becoming a drain on bandwidth. Contact us to learn how!

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