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Digital Check is the exclusive provider of check scan hardware for Fiserv outsourced environments.

Integrated Teller, Precision, ClearTouch Teller, Signature
Teller Capture

USB Only —
SmartSource Pro Elite

Our latest high-speed scanner for the teller window – offering top performance and a compact form factor at an affordable price. The new enhanced Pro Elite features an automatic cleaning mode, 600 dpi color image sensors, and front-feed ID card capture.

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USB Today (Ethernet Later) —
SmartSource Pro Elite Plus

A “Networkable” version of our high-speed SmartSource Elite series. Works as a regular, USB-connected scanner today, but switches to an Ethernet-enabled device with a one-time firmware update. If you are planning to switch to a networked virtual environment in the future, but need to add scanners now, the Pro Elite Plus is the model for you.

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Ethernet Only —
SmartSource Expert Elite*

A full network-ready version of the SmartSource Elite. The Expert Elite is made with an Ethernet-only interface, and extra onboard computing power to operate independently in a virtual environment. Intended for the bank branch that is already running a thin-client network.

* Currently available for Premier and ClearTouch only

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TellerScan TS500

High-speed teller and branch capture scanner with exciting new features such as self-cleaning mode, document auto-aligning, and ID card scanning.

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ReceiptNOW Elite

Our modular thermal receipt printer that fits underneath SmartSource Elite series scanners, saving you valuable counter space. Also fits the TellerScan TS500 with an included adapter plate.

ReceiptNOW Elite Ethernet printer has 2 Ethernet ports and includes a 1’ Ethernet cable as well as a USB port.

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