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“The installation of the check scanner accounts for the leading reason that RDC customers reach out to their support help desks.”

The following models of scanners are certified with Fiserv’s Remote Deposit Capture and Treasury Management Services:

Single-Feed Scanners

CheXpress® CX30

A Legacy of Dependability
The first-ever scanner designed specifically for Remote Deposit Capture – now our most popular model with more than 1 million sold!

Micro Elite and Expert Micro Elite

Space-Saving Performance

The smallest remote Deposit Capture scanner on the market! The Micro Elite is compact yet sturdy. Also available in Serial Embedded (SE) version with onboard drivers and API for maximum compatibility.

Batch-Feed Scanners


Digital Check’s dependable high-speed scanner – built for a bank, but also great for high-speed RDC.

Elite 55

An affordable 55 document-per-minute scanner, designed to lower the barriers to entry for multi-feed RDC.

Pro Elite

Our latest high-speed scanner for the teller window – offering document speeds up to 170dpm, a self-cleaning mode, and front-feed ID card capture at 600 dpi!

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includes: Integrated Teller, Precision,
ClearTouch Teller, Signature

Credit Unions

IMM, Portico, XP2


Mobil UX, DNA tMagic

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