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Digital Check’s Enhanced SmartSource Expert Elite Scanner
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Network-Ready Models Now Include Automatic Cleaning, Front ID Card Capture

SmartSource Expert EliteNorthbrook, IL, January 13, 2021 – Updated models of the SmartSource Expert Elite check scanner, with automatic cleaning and other enhancements, are now available for general purchase from Digital Check and its global network of partners and distributors. The Expert Elite joins the SmartSource Pro Elite and Elite 55 as the latest member of the Digital Check scanner lineup to include these features as standard.

The updates also apply to the Pro Elite Plus line of scanners – a version of the Expert Elite that can be converted from a standard USB-connected check scanner into a network-ready device. All new units of the Expert Elite and Pro Elite Plus will include the features going forward.

The Expert Elite is a check scanner designed especially for networked virtual environments, and it includes a number of special modifications for communicating over Ethernet protocols. Based on the popular SmartSource Pro Elite platform, it has a built-in processor and additional onboard memory to allow for smoother operation with “thin client” teller workstations.

In addition to the automatic cleaning function, the new Expert Elite features an updated 600 dpi true color image sensor, and an ID card slot that now feeds from the front of the device instead of the rear. It also includes a new SMART LED to indicate various device statuses, and to notify the operator when maintenance is due. Other general component updates have been added as well.

“These enhancements to our Elite series scanners provide the same benefit whether they are used in a standard teller station or a virtual network environment,” says John Wezner, Digital Check’s vice president of Marketing and Product Management. “Virtual branch environments are a rapidly growing part of retail banking, and Digital Check treats it with the same importance as the traditional PC-based branch model.”

The new models are fully backward-compatible with previous Expert Elite versions, with no extra integration or certification requirements for existing users. Additionally, the automatic cleaning function can be enabled on select recent units through a firmware update.

“The Expert Elite is a device designed for the modern networked branch, and these improvements keep it at the front of the technology curve,” says Wezner. “Digital Check is proud to be including these significant enhancements as standard features on every new device.”

Originally announced in 2019, the enhanced Elite series models were in beta testing throughout the second half of 2020. General availability of the network-ready models now means the enhancements have reached the entire SmartSource Elite product family.

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