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Digital Check Announces Worldwide Availability of Enhanced SmartSource Elite Series Scanners

New Units Now Include Automatic Cleaning, Front ID Card Capture

SmartSource Expert EliteNorthbrook, IL, January 5, 2021 – The first enhanced models of Digital Check’s SmartSource Elite series check scanners are now available for general purchase. All new orders for SmartSource Pro Elite and Elite 55 series scanners will be filled with the new-generation model, which contains several new features and updates. The change applies to both the inkjet and non-inkjet variations of the Elite series models.

Most prominent among the new enhancements is the addition of an automatic cleaning mode that “scrubs” the paper track and internal components with minimal assistance from the user. The scanner also uses a new proprietary SMART LED indicator to notify the operator when routine maintenance is due.

The enhanced Elite series also features a front-feeding ID card image capture slot, replacing the rear-feed assembly on earlier models. The improved ease of access makes it more suitable for the confined spaces present at some teller windows.

“The updated Elite series adds new features for today’s evolving needs,” says John Wezner, Digital Check’s vice president of Marketing and Product Management. “Our automatic cleaning and front ID capture capabilities represent significant quality-of-life improvements for the user, and Digital Check is proud to be including them as standard features on every new device.”

The new models are fully backward-compatible with previous SmartSource Elite versions, with no extra integration or certification requirements for existing users. Additionally, the automatic cleaning function can be enabled on select recent Elite series units through a firmware update.

“It was important for us to maintain compatibility and interoperability with our customers’ existing systems, and this will be the case with all enhanced Elite models currently being introduced,” says Wezner. “The new Elite series is designed to be simpler, smarter, and better than any scanner before it – and above all, easy to install and use.”

The enhanced Elite series, which had been in beta testing through the second half of 2020, are now available worldwide through Digital Check’s global partner and distributor network.

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