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Branch Back Counter Check Capture

While many banks are moving to teller image capture, others are choosing to capture in larger batches throughout the day or at the end of the day at the back counter.  This still saves on the time and transportation cost of moving those checks to an operations center and reduces the cost of deploying bank check scanners and a software solution to each of the teller workstations.

While this solution will reduce staffing requirements at the operations centers, it may not eliminate the need completely.  Each solution provider and each bank will allow for varying levels of operator interaction with the scanned images.  Some allow the operator to merely capture and send the images, others also allow for corrections to be made, while still others allow the transactions to be captured, corrected, and balanced before sending them on for processing.  However, since scanning is deferred, corrections involving customer interaction are not possible with branch back counter check scanning.

Digital Check makes two scanners that are widely used in this environment, the TellerScan TS240 and the SmartSource Professional.  The TS240 scans batches of up to 100 items at a time at speeds of up to 150 documents per minute and the SmartSource Professional scans at up to 200 documents per minute, with two-pocket sorting.  For more information on these scanners, follow the links above.


Check out Digital Check’s Teller and Branch Products: 


TS240 Teller Capture scanner and BX7200 branch capture scanner


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