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Digital Check Announces Silver Bullet Certification for TellerScan® TS240 Ultra Violet Scanning for Fraud Detection


CeBit, Hanover, Germany, March 4, 2012 – Digital Check Corp., a provider of desktop check scanners for the bank teller, branch back counter, and remote deposit check scanning markets worldwide, announced full certification and support of its TellerScan TS240 with ultraviolet (UV) check scanning capabilities for Silver Bullet’s Ranger check scanner interface.

Digital Check recently released a version of its successful TellerScan TS240 with UV check scanning capabilities.  Ultraviolet ink detection is an important fraud deterrent standard in many South American, Asian countries and Middle Eastern countries and Digital Check responded in 2011 by introducing two special versions of our TS240 with UV camera.  Shortly after introducing this feature, Digital Check secured its first major bank client with the TS240-UV in Latin America, which will deployed over 1500 units at teller stations in the first half of 2012.

The TS240-UV doesn’t experience speed degradation that is common to some check scanners with UV cameras.  Testing showed that the TS240-UV runs at near rated speed, with only a 1-3% difference from the non-UV model as compared to some competing models that see up to a 30% reduction in scanning throughput on their UV models over rated scanning speeds of their non-UV models.

“We’ve had quick success with our TS240-UV and are expecting greater success going forward.  The TS240 has been a proven workhorse in the teller, branch, and RDC markets and the addition of the UV option makes it the perfect scanner in markets utilizing this technology,” said Alex Trombetta, Managing Director, International Sales Division at Digital Check Corp.   

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Digital Check is a worldwide technology leader in providing superior check and document scanner products for teller, branch automation, remote deposit capture, and remote lockbox applications. The Northbrook, Ill-based company was named a Bank Technology News’ “Ten Technology Companies to Watch” for its innovative products and received the Innovators Award for their CheXpress CX30 scanner. Digital Check’s SB, BranchXpress®, TellerScan® and award-winning CheXpress® series of electronic scanners are cost-effective and provide high quality images, MICR accuracy and reliability. The company’s scanners are available in over 100 countries worldwide through a network of more than 130 Authorized Solutions Providers and are supported by Digital Check’s comprehensive training, support, warranty and repair services.  


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