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Digital Check Introduces Network-Ready Scanner with
Dual USB-Ethernet Capability

Digital Check SmartSource Pro Elite SeriesNorthbrook, IL, November 13, 2018 – Digital Check (@DigitalCheckUSA) has added a new model to its line of network-ready scanners, introducing the SmartSource Expert Elite with USB Mode.

The new device can operate either as a network-attached scanner using an Ethernet connection and browser-based interface, or as an ordinary scanner using a standard USB port. The dual capability is ideal for banks that want to be ready to convert their branches to a virtual desktop environment in the future but need to replace their teller equipment to operate as traditional USB-connected scanners prior to the conversion.

“As virtual-desktop teller workstations have gained popularity, many banks have put off hardware decisions while they evaluate the IT and infrastructure impact of those changes,” says Rick Ooten, Digital Check’s vice president of product development. “With a dual-interface scanner, there’s no need to worry that you’ll have to replace a device you purchase today when you change your operating environment tomorrow.”

The new Expert Elite requires a simple one-time firmware update to switch from USB to Ethernet mode; however, most banks will only need to make such a conversion once. The scanner’s API and drivers are contained onboard the device itself, keeping compatibility and integration issues to a minimum.

Expert Elite series scanners possess a built-in CPU that handles image processing and compression internally, before the check images are transmitted over the branch network. This greatly reduces demands on network bandwidth and external processing power, a crucial point for teller workstations operating in virtual environments.

For more information about the SmartSource Expert Elite with USB Mode, please contact your Digital Check account representative or call (847) 446-2285.

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