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Digital Check Announces New 200-Document Per Minute
Check Scanner with Two-Pocket Sorting Ability

SmartSource Professional two-pocket scannerNorthbrook, IL, November 8, 2018 – Digital Check’s SmartSource® Professional check scanner is now available in a new model capable of capturing 200 documents per minute (DPM), matching the speeds of the fastest devices available on the market. Digital Check is now accepting orders with volume deliveries starting immediately.

The upgrade represents the fourth generation of the SmartSource Professional series, which was originally introduced in 2007. In addition to the 66% increase in rated speed, the new ruggedized model also received updated components and electronics that allow it to perform inline front image quality analysis (IQA) and MICR-based sorting with no reduction in throughput or loss of functionality.

The popularity of its two-pocket sorting function was a major reason for reinvesting in the SmartSource Professional series, as few other desktop devices available today possess that ability. The update also draws it level with the speed of other, much more expensive scanners designed for back-counter branch capture.

“Our customers continue to demand the capability to sort scanned documents, and we found that rather than designing a new two-pocket chassis from the ground up, the best choice was to modernize an already-proven and highly popular device,” said Rick Ooten, vice president of product development. “The result is an enhanced, cost-effective scanner that outperforms anything else in its price range.”

Key to the success of the new SmartSource Professional is its ability to scan and sort without any loss of speed – despite having the same desktop footprint as an ordinary teller scanner. Many high-speed scanners of the past were two or more times the size of the SmartSource Professional, in order to allow enough time for the paper to travel through the track while a sorting decision was made. Technological advances have made it possible to eliminate that extra time and enable sorting on a regular-sized scanner without any constraints.

The new 200-DPM SmartSource Professional retains backward compatibility with existing models and can be used by any customer currently using the most popular SmartSource APIs, including SmartPVA, CAPI, Device Suite, and Ranger. To learn more about the new SmartSource Professional, please contact your Digital Check representative or visit

About Digital Check
Digital Check is the world’s largest manufacturer of check scanners and document capture products for teller capture, branch automation, remote deposit capture, and remote lockbox applications. Digital Check’s award-winning CheXpress®, TellerScan®, and SmartSource® check and document scanners are among the most cost-effective and reliable in the industry. The company also provides software solutions for image quality, vault processing, and remote monitoring of scanners across an enterprise.



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