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Universal Cleaning Card For All Digital Check, SmartSource Scanners

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There’s good news for anyone who buys supplies online at the Digital Check store: We now have a single type of cleaning card that works for both Digital Check and SmartSource-branded check scanners.

Actually, there’s no change to the cards themselves – we simply confirmed, through extensive testing, that existing Digital Check-branded cleaning cards also work in SmartSource scanners. Going forward, we’ll be consolidating both brands of scanner onto the same card.

What does this mean for our customers? First of all, you don’t need to do anything right away. Any cleaning cards you already own will continue to work just the same as always, so go ahead and keep using them until they’re gone. We’ll also continue selling SmartSource-branded cleaning cards until inventory is depleted.

After that, just order Digital Check cleaning cards and use them the same way you normally do. The cards may have slightly different shapes, but the cleaning process is identical. In the long run, we hope that consolidating to a single type of cleaning card will result in greater efficiencies and economies of scale, which will help keep logistics simple and costs down for everyone.

SmartSource scanners that have been tested with Digital Check cleaning cards include all current-generation models: the SmartSource Elite series, SmartSource Professional series, SmartSource Expert, and SmartSource Adaptive.

The new cards are made by KICTeam, our longtime partner for cleaning cards and supplies. To learn more about the improvements of the new “waffle” style cards over previous flat versions, click here, or for instructions and video demos, visit our full scanner cleaning resource page.



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