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Deconstructing the Scanner Speed Wars

At the Teller Window, Does Faster Mean Better?

Since the introduction of electronic clearing, scanner speeds have increased steadily – from 30 documents per minute (DPM) to 50, 100, 120, and now to 150, 160 and beyond. But given the small number of documents usually involved in a teller-window transaction, have we reached a point of diminishing returns, where faster does not necessarily mean better?

In this paper, Digital Check takes a look at the role that scanner speed plays in banking transactions, as well as certain other factors that can help or hinder financial institutions’ efforts to provide a good customer experience at the teller window.

Digital Check is leading the way in image quality, with special techniques for image enhancement and cleanup designed to reduce the number of problem documents that banks and credit unions encounter in the clearing process. To find out more about our advanced imaging technologies, contact us or call your Digital Check account representative.



Scanner Speed Wars
Deconstructing the Scanner Speed Wars
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