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Digital Check’s SmartSource Micro Elite Scanner Now Available with Endorsing Capability

SmartSource Micro EliteNorthbrook, IL, December 9, 2020 – The SmartSource Micro Elite check scanner is now available with an optional rear inkjet endorser in its base model. The addition brings an important feature to the popular scanner model for remote deposit capture.

Measuring just 7 inches by 4 inches, the Micro Elite has proven itself a superior image capture device for the RDC market because of its ultra-compact size and affordable price tag. An inkjet endorser was previously introduced on the specialized Micro Elite SE, or Serial Embedded, line of scanners, and is now included across the full product family.

“The SmartSource Micro Elite has long been a popular choice for a compact, entry-level remote deposit scanner. A rear endorsement option addresses one of the largest remaining use cases for this group of customers,” says Rick Cusimano, Digital Check’s vice president of global sales and customer service.

The Micro Elite’s inkjet printer can print a single-line endorsement of up to 13 characters per inch in 96 dpi resolution. It uses the same MS0083 ink cartridge that’s standard among Digital Check’s other scanners with single-line endorsement, including the CheXpress CX30, TellerScan TS240, TS500, and others. The SmartSource Micro Elite with inkjet is compatible with all current SmartPVA API versions.

Endorsement for remotely deposited checks made a brief appearance in the news in 2018, when changed to the Federal Reserve Board’s Regulation CC established new liability rules for duplicate deposits. Since then, there has been a slow but steady push to require it for RDC end users – the businesses and individuals who utilize it to make deposits electronically.

“Given the changing regulatory environment, it’s prudent to make an endorsement option available across as many of our devices as possible,” Cusimano says. “Thanks to the outstanding work by our engineering team, we were able to accommodate an endorser in the smallest form-factor check scanner ever with the Micro Elite SE. That successful proof of concept has allowed us to bring the same improvements to our broader product line,”

The addition of the endorser does not materially affect the size of the device, with the inkjet model of the Micro Elite being just a fraction of an inch wider than the non-inkjet model. The Micro Elite with inkjet is available for purchase effective immediately – please contact your Digital Check representative for details.

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