Digital Check scanners and teller equipment

Vault – Large-Scale Combined Check and Cash Processing for the Back Office

Vault by Digital Check logo

Banks and other organizations that run large-scale vault processing operations need to turn over huge amounts of paper every day, in the form of both cash and checks. For many years, those two types of paper each had their own workflows, often with separate equipment and different software. Vault from Avivatech bridges the gap between […]

XpressCash – Cash Automation System for Retail Businesses

XpressCash logo - cash automation

XpressCash from Avivatech is a best-of-breed cash automation platform designed specifically for the retail space. The platform works with most cash recyclers and contains the tools you need manage cash operations at the point of sale or in the retail back-office environment. XpressSCAN For businesses that receive large volumes of checks, XpressSCAN from Avivatech streamlines […]

CashWare – Cash Automation Software with Universal Cash Recycler Support

Cash recyclers

CashWare® from Avivatech is a robust cash automation software package for banks and credit unions. This application suite combines support for almost any make or model of cash recycler with an easy-to-use GUI that integrates directly with your teller system. Even though it’s designed to be simple for your front-line staff to use, CashWare provides […]

Glossary of Check Capture and Image-Related Terms

ACH — Automated Clearing House. An electronic funds transfer system that processes domestic payments, generally in the form of credits and debits between bank accounts. In that respect, the mechanism is similar to drawing or paying a check. In the United States, The ACH Network is the official ACH processor. Area Scan — or area […]

Digital Check Patent Marking

Updated: December 18, 2023 Digital Check’s products and categories of products may be covered by one or more patents in the United States and internationally. This site provides selected United States and international patent information (patents and patent applications) about certain Digital Check products. Not all Digital Check products are included, and not all patent […]

Restrictive Endorsement (Indorsement)

Restrictive endorsement (indorsement)

A restrictive endorsement, or indorsement is a mark made on a check to indicate that it has been deposited or cashed. It is a practice of growing importance in the era of electronic check deposits, where the customer often retains physical possession of a paper check after depositing it through an online or mobile service. […]

Duplicate Deposit / Double Deposit (banking)

Mobile check endorsement

A duplicate deposit occurs when a someone deposits the same check twice, or deposits it and then also attempts to cash it. This is typically done by first depositing an image of the the check electronically, then attempting to deposit or cash the original paper check separately. This practice was not possible for members of […]

Cash Automation

Cash recycler at a bank branch

Cash automation refers to the machine-assisted handling and processing of cash, often in a bank or similar setting. This may include the use of devices such as bill counters, currency dispensers, smart safes, and cash recyclers. While there is no universal definition of what “counts” as cash automation and what does not, is generally accepted […]

What is a Check Jogger?

Check jogger with checks

A check jogger is a simple machine used to straighten large stacks of checks before they’re inserted into a scanner or other mechanical feeder. The check jogger uses a strong vibration to shake the documents until the long bottom edges all line up. (The word “jogger” in this case comes from the lesser-used definition of […]

Image Quality Analysis (banking)

Image quality analysis example

Image Quality Analysis, or IQA, in banking refers to the process of evaluating a scanned check image for readability. This generally involves using an automated process to be sure the key information such as the MICR account and routing number, date, and dollar value are all clearly visible in the final black-and-white bitonal image that […]

On-Us Check

An On-Us Check is simply a check that is deposited or cashed at the same financial institution from which it originated. There are two main ways this happens: 1. The person who wrote the check uses the same bank as the person depositing the check — for example, if someone with an account at Wells […]

Routing Transit Number (R/T Number)

Routing transit number and account number check diagram

The Routing Transit Number on a check, also known as the R/T Number or simply the Routing Number, is what identifies the financial institution at which the check writer’s account is located. Each bank or credit union in the United States has a unique nine-digit identifier that is printed on its customer’s checks, and which […]