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Branch capture scanner BX7200
Branch capture scanners tend to be bigger devices with high speeds and high capacities. This model, the BranchXpress BX7200, could accept hundreds of checks at a time, and was one of the largest scanners we ever made until it was discontinued in 2018.

Branch capture is the process of scanning all the checks received at a bank branch for electronic clearing. This is often done by collecting all checks received in a single large batch at the end of the day, or sometimes in separate batches at fixed points throughout the day. It should not be confused with teller capture, in which checks are immediately scanned at the teller window as part of the customer transaction.

Since it is usually done at a separate workstation away from the teller windows, branch capture is often referred to as branch back-counter capture or simply back-counter capture.

Because of the high number of documents being processed at once, branch capture uses scanners with the highest speeds and capacities. In the past, these were often large, purpose-built devices such as the BranchXpress BX7200 pictured at right. In recent years, the highest-speed scanners for the teller window have become fast enough that some banks use them as comparable substitutes.


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