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Teller Capture

Teller Capture
In teller capture, check scanners are deployed at the bank’s front counter to capture checks as part of the transaction, while the customer is still present.

Teller Capture is the process of scanning checks as they are deposited at the teller window, as part of the customer’s transaction. It should not be confused with branch capture, the practice of scanning many checks from multiple deposits all together in one large batch.

Teller capture has several advantages over branch capture, mainly because checks are scanned in real time with the customer still present. For that reason, it may be possible to find and correct errors that would have proven more difficult otherwise. On the other hand, problems with the scan may slow down the transaction process for the customer. Another notable difference between teller capture and branch capture is that when capture is done at the back counter, it is possible to have a designated employee do the process each time, whereas front-counter capture requires all tellers to be operators, and they are often less-trained in the process.


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