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A Small Brazilian Bank Becomes First in the Country to Offer Merchant RDC

From June 16-18, we were in Sao Paulo attending CIAB Febraban, the largest banking conference in Brazil. The check processing system there has been going through big changes lately: In 2012, the country ditched its paper-based clearing process in favor of exchanging scanned images, much like we do in the U.S.

Banese representatives at Recognition booth - CIAB Febraban

Representatives from Banese join our main Brazilian distributor, Recognition, at their booth at CIAB Febraban.

Our theme for the show, “The Race for RDC is On,” turned out to be oddly prescient this year, as O Banco do Estado de Sergipe – known as Banese for short – became the first Brazilian bank to introduce a remote deposit capture service for merchants. A few of their staff are pictured here dropping by the booth of our Brazilian partner, Recognition. (Yes, that’s one of our own CheXpress CX30 scanners right there in the middle.)

While that’s great news in and of itself, it was even more interesting because the announcement did not come from one of Brazil’s biggest financial institutions. Far from a household name, Banese is the state bank of Sergipe, the smallest state in Brazil, located along the far northeast Atlantic coast. It would be the equivalent of the Bank of Rhode Island beating Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Citibank to the punch to be the first in the country with a new product.

Not that Banese is going to be alone for along. Nearly every major bank in Brazil is well along with plans to introduce its own version of remote deposit in the very near future. If anything, this highlights the fact that RDC has become proven and well-understood, to the point where banks no longer see it as a risky new technology but a prime opportunity. Digital Check has been conducting our own series of educational seminars in Brazil in recent years as part of our global RDC Leadership Initiative, and we’ve been very grateful to see it received with warm enthusiasm.


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