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SmartSource® Professional Elite Scanner Certified on Acuant idScan® StAreamlines ID Verification Pro

Plymouth, MI, December 08, 2015 – Burroughs, Inc., a world-leading provider of check scanners for the financial community, is pleased to announce the SmartSource Professional Elite Scanners certification with Acuant’s idScan® solution. The Professional Elite scans and captures images of driver’s licenses or other government issued ID’s using Acuant’s idScan. This enables the automatic transferring of information into the institutions’ systems, thereby simplifying the capture and validation process for the teller at the point of customer interaction without the need for additional hardware devices.

Federal regulations require financial institutions to know and verify the identity of their customers. Criminals and fraudsters use sophisticated fake IDs with stolen identities to apply for credit, cash fake checks, launder money and access funds that do not belong to them. Acuant’s solutions provide financial institutions with a proven process for information verification in order to comply with the Bank Secrecy Act, Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) Act and Red Flag Rules.

“Our idScan solution offers limitless potential to register, onboard, or credential an individual,” said Yossi Zekri, President & CEO of Acuant. ”We are excited to work with Burroughs to provide a solution that helps financial institutions quickly and cost effectively capture and validate customer information capture using SmartSource Professional Elite Scanners.”

Larry McCarter, Burroughs CEO states “Burroughs has been a trusted partner to the worldwide financial community for over 100 years, providing hardware and software solutions to meet their evolving needs. Acuant’s certification of the Burroughs Professional Elite scanner series allows institutions to offer an industry-leading customer capture and validation solution in combination with the existing check capture solution, to provide multiple benefits to our customers with a single device. We are pleased to be able to partner with Acuant to provide this innovative solution.”

The Professional Elite series exemplifies Burroughs industry-leading technology. The Elite series include models that can scan a single check at a time for RDC applications as well as 55 or 155 documents per minute. Standard features are auto-feed for ease of use, very quiet operation, and one of the smallest footprints in the industry thereby minimizing valuable desktop space making the SmartSource Professional Elite scanner ideal for teller capture.

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Acuant’s award-winning and patented credential management solutions automate the intake, processing and verification of unstructured data from ID documents. Leveraging virtually any device, the company’s solutions transform this data into useful and insightful information – whether in the cloud or locally – which is used in critical business applications. To learn more, visit


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