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Windows 10 Drivers Certified, In Partner Distribution

Windows 10 compatible logoDigital Check is pleased to announce that our drivers for all current-generation scanners have been certified for Windows 10 and have begun distribution through our distributors and channel partners. Supported devices include the BranchXpress® BX7200, CheXpress® CX30, TellerScan® TS240, and TellerScan TS230 models.

Distribution of the updated drivers will be handled through Digital Check’s software partners. End users in the general public are advised to wait for word from their bank or software provider, who will provide instructions on how to perform an update. The reason for this is that installing the updated driver before it has been tested with your bank’s software could produce unknown consequences and potential malfunctions.

If you are considering upgrading to Windows 10 but are unsure whether your scanner will continue to work, or whether the Windows 10 update is available, contact your bank or software provider for more information.

Windows 10 support will be included on drivers for all upcoming Digital Check scanners for the foreseeable future.


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