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Windows XP Phaseout: FAQ for Banks and Software Providers

As you may know, Microsoft is discontinuing support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. Here are a few important things to know if/when customers start inquiring about how it will affect them.

Digital Check will offer continued support for Windows XP.
If the end user does nothing, the scanner will continue to function as usual.

Our latest API supports all Windows operating systems from 2000 to 8.1.
If your software is on Digital Check API version 12.0 or above, end users should be able to upgrade to any version of Windows. If your system is on an earlier version of our API, the newest operating systems may not be certified. If you are a bank, contact your software provider to be sure which Digital Check API version you are operating on.

If you are a bank, be certain your deposit software supports Windows 8.
Even if the scanner itself will work on Windows 8, it will cause problems if the deposit software is not also ready.

Customers should not go to the Digital Check website to download and install new drivers themselves.
Anyone upgrading his or her operating system should re-download the bank’s deposit software package and use the pre-installed drivers provided therein.

Some of our oldest scanners will not work on Vista and newer operating systems.
The BUIC1500 and TellerScan 400 series used a legacy SCSI protocol to communicate with the PC, and Windows XP is the last operating system to support it. While only a small number of customers continue to use these devices, they will not function on Windows Vista or newer operating systems. Be advised that any attempt to modify your software or the API to include this support is at your own risk, and Digital Check cannot guarantee the functionality or integrity of your system in such cases.


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