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Digital Check Announces Certified Microsoft VistaTM USB Device Driver

NORTHBROOK, IL, March 28, 2007 – Digital Check Corporation announced the availability of certified USB device drivers for its TellerScan® check scanners for all 32-bit versions of Microsoft’s recently released Vista operating system. The new USB device drivers are incorporated into Digital Check’s latest application programming interface (API) release, version 8.42, and offer support for all of Microsoft’s major operating systems, including 32-bit versions of Vista, Windows® XP and Windows® 2000.

“We are seeing many remote deposit customers and financial institutions purchase new computer equipment loaded with Microsoft Vista,” said Tom Anderson, President of Digital Check.  “Vista is expected to have a tremendous impact on the market, and Digital Check is committed to delivering the highest quality products on a timely basis for the evolving needs of our customers.”

Digital Check’s API version 8.42 includes full support of the company’s newest production scanner model, the TS4120, as well as improvements for operating in ScanBatch mode, enhancements to virtual endorsement and image cropping, and an option to create Group 4 TIFFs.  ScanBatch mode allows operators to scan and process checks more efficiently by scanning batches of checks into memory as opposed to scanning and processing one check at a time.  Group 4 TIFFs are smaller image files designed to reduce the amount of system storage space required.   The TellerScan API 8.42 version is also compatible with all previous generations of TellerScan models.

TellerScan API version 8.42 is now available.  Customers looking for implementation of Vista drivers independent of the API can also order the drivers by contacting Digital Check at 847-446-2285, or visiting


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