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Vault by Digital Check® Software Simplifies Cash, Check Processing in Vault Environments

NORTHBROOK, IL, March 7, 2016 – Vault by Digital Check is a new software system that streamlines complex vault deposit procedures, allowing processors to add check deposit in a standalone environment, or integrated in with currency and coin processing. Vault joins Digital Check’s growing suite of check capture hardware and image enhancement software for the banking industry.

“Vault operators have a long history of processing currency and coins; however, these days they are also expected to process checks, which has not been their core competency. Vault allows them to seamlessly add check as a standalone application or tied in with their existing currency and coin operations.” said Tom Jordan, Digital Check’s vice president of financial software solutions.

Vault also solves the significant operational challenge for processors that manage deposits bound for multiple destination banks. Many vault processing operations require dedicated workstations to handle the workflow for each receiving bank, resulting in cumbersome and time-consuming processes. Vault by Digital Check stores each bank’s rules and requirements internally, enabling individual workstations to easily move between banks with a few mouse clicks, and can output bank-specific Image Cash Letter and X9 files for automated settlement.

“Digital Check is in the check payment automation business, and all throughout the process of making a bank deposit, opportunities exist to make the system more accurate and more efficient,” said Jeff Hempker, executive vice president of Digital Check. “Any time we can eliminate a manual process from the back office, we increase the effectiveness for the bank, and ultimately for the end customer.”

Vault by Digital Check is designed to work with existing vault hardware and software configurations, sitting in front of the main processing software and interacting directly with the equipment. In addition to Digital Check’s own TellerScan® and BranchXpress® series of check scanners, Vault is also certified with the popular Cummins JetScan iFX series currency counters, and interfaces effortlessly with many widely used vault software systems.

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