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Digital Check and Orbograph Collaborate to Virtually Eliminate Exception Items with Clear Inline Image Enhancement and OrboAnywhere™

March 3, 2016 – Northbrook, IL – Today, Digital Check and Orbograph announced a strategic alliance to resolve the problem of exception images generated from checks and negotiable items which are not conducive to imaging. Digital Check’s Clear Inline image enhancement software, when used in conjunction with Orbograph’s new OrboAnywhereTM multi-channel image validation solution, automates virtually all unprocessed and unreadable images captured across the Omnichannel of a financial institution.Clear Inline gathers problem images which fail initial point-of-capture recognition processes, removes background interference and enhances difficult-to-read handwriting or printed text on checks and money orders. The system then produces new clear and readable images suitable for automated processing.

These images are then run through OrboAnywhere’s enriched recognition and image validation processes to minimize back-office operator entry and review, also reducing payment risk on these items. The combination of Clear Inline and OrboAnywhere greatly reduces the number of exception items generated for banks, eliminating costly Non-Conforming Image (NCI) rejections, “Day 2” manual repair processes as well as rescans.

“There is an unspoken problem minimized in the industry today around the topic of unreadable and unusable images,” said Jeff Hempker, Digital Check’s executive vice president. “Self Self-service devices are generating a higher number of images which are unreadable. This creates downstream posting issues and customer complaints. Strategically, financial institutions love improving the customer experience, while tactically, they can reduce costly Day 2 processing expense.”

The device-agnostic Clear Inline software works with images captured not only by Digital Check scanners, but also from ATMs, self-service solutions, other check scanners or various image capture systems. The device-independent design was a key capability for use with OrboAnywhere, which can be deployed in an array of different configurations in a financial institution’s entire network, leveraging the platform’s web services interface.


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