Digital Check scanners and teller equipment
One of the earliest armored vehicles used during the Civil War.

Banks have been streamlining operations and moving more and more work out of the branches using products like ATMs, Remote Deposit Capture, and Vault Capture and Processing.  Vault capture is a way of outsourcing the processing of cash and checks to armored transportation and logistics companies.

The earliest armored vehicles were built during the turn of the 20th century, however, the idea dates back to the 15th century sketches drawn by Leonardo da Vinci.  Since the early 20th armored vehicles have been built to transport valuables from one location to another.  Armored car companies have been most closely associated with banks and other financial institutions as cash, checks, and other currency moves on a daily basis to complete transactions.

The role of these armored transportation and logistics companies has changed over the years as technology has advanced.  With the advent of Remote Deposit Capture, fewer physical checks need to move from the bank of first deposit to the clearing banks, however, these companies have now taken over much of the processing work of clearing these checks electronically.  Vault operations are now instituting scanning services to capture the paper checks and clear them electronically.  With a legacy of processing cash, vaults have not traditionally been equipped from a hardware or a software standpoint to process check deposits.

Digital Check, long known for our high-quality check scanner hardware and image-enhancement software, also offers a software product to help vault operators to integrate check processing into their legacy cash processing systems.  Vault by Digital Check®  (now Vault by Avivatech® ) was designed uniquely to integrate check processing into cash processing systems within a vault operation.  This system captures the check deposit and creates a bank specific X9.37 file for electronically processing the deposit.  Learn more by visiting our Vault product page.