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Digital Check Introduces First Low-Cost Single-Feed UV Cheque Scanner

Ultraviolet cheque scanner - CX30UVNorthbrook, IL – Digital Check Corporation, a global provider of cheque scanners for remote deposit, branch back counter, and teller window capture, today introduced the CheXpress CX30UV, the first single-feed cheque scanner with a UV camera to capture ultraviolet security features. Intended for use both in remote deposit capture (RDC) and in bank branches, the CheXpress CX30UV is significantly more cost-effective than other UV-enabled cheque scanners on the market today.

“Until now, the only UV scanners available were large multi-feed devices intended for high-volume banking – and these were often cost-prohibitive to deploy at a business or at every teller window,” said Alex Trombetta, Managing Director of Digital Check’s international division. “By adding ultraviolet capability to our most popular single-feed scanner, we will bring machine-readable UV within the reach of millions more banks and businesses.”

Ultraviolet printing has come into widespread use as a security feature on cheques and other payment documents around the world. However, due to the cost of multi-feed UV scanners, many banks continue to rely on less accurate manual inspection under a UV lamp or pen light. Adoption of remote deposit capture has also lagged in several countries where cheque images are not accepted without the UV layer.

The award-winning CheXpress CX30UV delivers all the MICR and image quality, scan speed and reliability of the original CheXpress CX30, which has built #1 market share worldwide in remote deposit and also significant use in low-volume teller capture applications. The CX30 product line has also been recognized around the world not only for its quality and reliability, but also for the value it delivers in a very competitive worldwide scanner market. It is also the only UV scanner available with a straight-through feeding option, allowing integrators to develop very low-cost cheque deposit solution for payments kiosks.

“An affordable cost of entry will be instrumental to the widespread deployment of cheque truncation, either at the teller or among banks’ corporate clients,” Trombetta said. “The CX30UV is our way of helping make that infrastructure available for a reasonable price, and therefore much more widely adopted.”

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